Okay. I had the opportunity to do something absolutely amazing. Something I never thought I’d ever do: Dog Sledding.

Yup, that’s right. In Breckenridge, Colorado, YOU CAN GO DOG SLEDDING. And don’t worry, these dogs are treated so humanely, and they’re born to run.

These husky babies are so smart and full of energy, and love attention.

Dog sledding is $125 for about 2 hours of sledding. You go out with a team of dogs and six people in your group. Every one takes turns mushing and riding in the sled. And you have no idea how much fun it is.

The snow was coming down pretty hard, and the temperatures were very low. So if you decide to do this, be sure to bundle up! I recommend layers, a scarf, hat, gloves, snow pants, snow boots, glasses/goggles, and some hand/toe warmers.

In-between stops, we were encouraged to get up and love the dogs. They absolutely loved the attention. The snow is great weather for them as well, with the amount of fur and fat that these dogs have, they heat up when running. Whenever we stopped, they hopped and rolled into the snow banks.

These adorable two puppers are Audrey (left) and Griswald (right). They are brother and sister and were so lovable.

I just love their eyes.

We definitely want to go again. It was so much fun. And Good Time Adventures provides snow suits, boots, AND free hot chocolate if you need it! Best winter activity I’ve done so far.


Mary Jane xx

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