There is a magical place in Colorado that is a highly sought after view. Especially in the autumn. It’s a few hours drive from Denver, and it’s only open for certain parts of the year. To add to the suspense: If you’re not parked by  5am, you will have to go back down the mountain, park in Aspen, and take a shuttle back up, because the lots will closed.

That being said, we made it to the lot of Maroon Bells right at 5 am, and we BARELY got one of the last parking spots. There were probably less than 10 left. So if you want to drive and control when you leave and what have to get there early.

We drove to Maroon Bells from Gunnison, and left around 2 in the morning. When we parked, we honestly pulled out blankets and slept until the sun started to peak through the mountains.

Maroon Bells is one of those awesome sights that if you just want to drive up and see it, but not do any hiking, you still get an incredible view. We, however, were trying to be overachievers, and hiked anyway, regardless of how exhausted and tired we were. And it was all worth it.

The trail is about 3.8 miles in and out, with about a 700 ft elevation gain. It leads to Crater Lake, just at the base of Maroon Peak.

The colors of the aspens are so vibrant and striking in the fall.

Unfortunately, we were there the very last weekend of the season, and the level of Crater Lake was pretty low. But the majesty of the Bells made up for it.

VISIT COLORADO, for real. Or don’t, so I can keep all this beauty for myself. Choice is yours.


Mary Jane xx


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