Our final stop in Banff was Moraine Lake. We may have only had just a few minutes there, and it may have been raining…but it was so worth it.

We were meant to start at Moraine Lake when were first got into Banff that day. But as we approached the lake entrance, it was blocked off because it was “full.” If you ever go to Banff and see this, don’t worry too much. Stick around long enough, go visit Lake Louise first (or vice versa) and eventually they’ll open back up, especially if it’s raining or snowing.

Just as we got to the lake, it started raining a bit, so the majority of the pictures are clouded (literally! :D). But it always adds to the ambience of the environment.

(Once again, some of these photos are from the wonderful Kyle B!)

We spent some time skipping rocks in the lake before heading back to Calgary. It was honestly one of the most perfect days…definitely one of the most scenic. GO TO BANFF. You will not be disappointed (:

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