One of the most memorable moments of our Banff trip was Lake Louise. I’ve heard the stories and seen the pictures of how beautiful and scenic this lake was. I was so excited…But again, we didn’t plan for snow and it blocked our view of the lake…at first.

Because it was freezing, Kyle and I decided to head into the Fairmont for some lunch and tea to warm up. We stayed in the restaurant for a couple hours, watching the snow fluctuate between heavy and light..It felt like Christmas. When we finally finished, the snow seemed to start to clear out.

There’s a trail alongside the lake, and we decided to edge our way around it, searching for the perfect picture spot.

The water was so blue..

(PS some of these photos were taken by Kyle (: ).

The longer we walked around the lake, the more it seemed to clear up. We were finally able to see the majority of the mountains surrounding the lake.

Its a beautiful experience, even with the snow. We’re planning on going back during the summer, just to get a clear view of it again..Definitely a must-see.


Mary Jane xx

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