I’m gonna roll my last couple of days in Cali into one blog post. Partially because I’m lazy and I don’t want to edit all of the photos. And secondly, because school is making me busier than I’ve ever been.

Sooo….here goes!

Day three, we woke up bright and early to head out to the Pub. Yes, the pub, at 9 in the morning. But it’s okay. We were getting a traditional English Breakfast while we watch Premier League on the telly.

barclay's breakfastEverton vs. Chelsea! Unfortunately…I may have been the only Everton fan in house. Also, my team lost.

Afterwards, we went to the beach for some Vitamin D. May or may not have burned…(I am a redhead, after all).

Then, we stopped by Balboa Park

archesbalboa domekoi pondsmilesAnd then we were off to Coronado Island for dinner. Can I just say that the view of San Diego from there is GORGEOUS?

skylineEven at night.

nighttimeAfter debating whether we wanted to go dancing that night, we decided to be responsible adults and call it a night.

Good thing, because we needed to be well-rested for the next morning…

Because we decided to jump out of planes.


It was AMAZING. If you are ever asked to go skydiving, ALWAYS say yes.




After falling 13,000 ft at 130 mph, I felt a bit sick to my stomach. so I took a short siesta before heading back to the beach one last time to see the sun set.

last beachfather daughterhotdogsHot dogs, or legs? Hmm…

sunsetlast nightCali, I’ll be coming back soon. Don’t you worry.


Mary Jane xx

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