One evening, we decided to take a little stroll through the mountains..

We were on the hunt for some hot springs!

drivinWe drove up Spanish Fork Canyon, looking for Three Forks Trailhead.

kaileechelseyOnce there, we set out on our first 2 mile hike of the night. And it was gorgeous!

red treebuttBums included. (:

down to the riverChelsey was getting antsy… she was super excited to get to the springs..heh, get it?

super readyred leaflog sittingAfter nearly 40 minutes (partially my fault. Cardio and I don’t get along.) we started to finally smell signs of the spring!

blue waterThe water began shifting to a milky blue, iridescent color. And then we came across this beautiful sight:

first springssteppingfrom aboveWe hurriedly stripped off our clothes and sunk into the hot, almost boiling water.

found a spotlook therewaterfall distanceWe spotted a better place just a few yards away..The waterfall was cold, and the still water was hot. The perfect combination for us, especially since I’m a temperature wimp.

gigglesmileThings got super sexy with us girls around.

silly usA wonderful way to spend your evening. But if you happen to go, leave early! We had to hike 2 miles back in the dark. It was not so fun…

Until next time!


Mary Jane xx




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