Rocky Mountain National Park may not seem particularly large, but there is so much to do within the park (as well as right outside the park), you really do need several days to fit it all in. I did so much I’ll have to split this post into two.

I took a short weekend trip to Granby/Grand Lake area and drove through the west part of the park, and it was AMAZING.

In Granby/Grand Lake area, there are several little hikes, camping spots, and water sports to do. I did a couple hikes myself.

One around the Continental Divide (located near Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake):

If you don’t know that the Continental Divide Trail is, you should definitely look it up! For those of you that really don’t want to open google, it’s basically a really long trail (3100 miles) that stretches from Canada to Mexico and is considered one of the hardest and highest of the National Scenic Trails. There is a portion of it that goes through Colorado, including through the Granby area.

Another trail I attempted (but could not complete due to the abundance of mosquitoes and a lack of repellent) was Monarch Lake:

It’s a really nice loop trail around the lake, and mostly flat. However, if it hadn’t been for the mosquitoes, I wouldn’t have seen these beautiful shots of Granby Lake and the surrounding area:

In the next post, you’ll see just how beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park is!

Mary Jane xx

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