Utah has many amazing sites to see. One notable one, but some how not as well known, is the Spiral Jetty.

The Spiral Jetty, located about 2 1/2 hrs north of Salt Lake City, is an earthwork created by Robert Smithson back in 1970. The art installation is made entirely of black basalt rock, mud, salt crystals and water. In the ’70s, earthworks were a popular type of artwork, and Utah was lucky to be the home of one of these pieces.

When you arrive to the parking lot and get out of your car, it almost looks like you went the wrong way; but the only way to get to the jetty is by hiking down a small drop off.

There is also a small plaque hidden on the mountainside that is almost hard to see.

But if you keep hiking up the mountain, you get a great view of the jetty (we didn’t hike too high). But be careful! Whilst finding a tall rock to stand on, I ran into a rattlesnake hiding in a bush. I’m sure the hill is covered in reptiles, so just be really safe and know your snake safety!

If you go during the week, like we did, there is hardly anybody there. After just 20 minutes, we ended up being the only people there!

Depending on the time of year, as well as how dry Utah has been, the Jetty may be covered by water, as it sits on the Northeastern side of the Great Salt Lake. However, in the past few years (perhaps even decade), we’ve been experiencing a drought, so the Jetty is very exposed.

The Jetty, right now, is primarily sand and rock. We attempted to walk on the rocks to avoid getting sand in our shoes.




Remember to wear sunblock! We didn’t think we’d be in the sun too much, and my forehead (as you can see) as well as my shoulders got so burned! It’s better to be safe than sorry. But then again, maybe I burn easily! I am a redhead..

And because it is the Great Salt Lake, the sand is very, very, very salty.

VERY salty..


It’s a beautiful place, and if you’re in the area, I definitely suggest making the trip out to see it! And hey, on the way there, there’s even the National Monument for the Golden Spike, where the Transcontinental Railroad ended. But that’s the next post!

Mary Jane xx


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