Towards the end of our Miami trip, Miara and I headed down to the keys. We ended up staying in Key Largo, but Key West is where most of the action is. On our way to Key West, we stopped to do some kayaking.

We chose to kayak through mangrove trees. We were told that there was a way to get into the middle of the mangrove tree island and we struggled for a couple of hours to find it. Sadly, we never did. But we did find tiny inlets.

It rained a little while we were out there, but it was refreshing more than anything.

However, after we ran into a huge spider web, we fled the inlet like crazy.

Since we only paid for a couple hours, we headed back…after like 3 hours, haha. The people in this area are so laid back. They told us to pick a kayak, head out, and just come back whenever.

I highly recommend doing this. It was one of my favorite experiences in Florida.

Mary Jane xx


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