Visiting national parks has become a new passion of mine. I want to see all of them. Or…at least the breathtaking ones.

Arches is a great NP, but my recommendation is to not go in the dead middle of summer! Especially during a pandemic. Wearing a mask and hiking in 100+ degree weather was a bit miserable. And I think it would be much better, even without the masks, when it’s cooler.

But other than that, this park is definitely doable in a day, especially if you aren’t attempting the backpacking hikes. And it’s so beautiful.


  • Park Avenue – 1.0 mi, moderate
  • Balance rock – 0.3 mi, easy, wheelchair accessible
  • Windows Trail – 1.0 mi, easy
  • Double Arch – 0.5 mi, easy
  • Delicate Arch – 3.0 mi, difficult
  • Sand Dune Arch – 0.3 mi, easy
  • Broken Arch – 1.3 mi, easy
  • Skyline Arch – 0.4 mi, easy
  • Landscape Arch – 1.8 mi, moderate
  • Double O Arch – 4.2 mi, difficult
  • Devil’s Garden Trail – 7.9 mi, difficult, includes Double O Arch, Landscape Arch, and the primitive trail
  • Tower Arch – 3.4 mi, moderate

There are several hikes throughout the park, each with a unique view of sandstone and arches. My favorite has always been Delicate Arch.

It’s one of the top 3 difficult hikes in the park, only 3 miles, but absolutely no shade coverage. They always recommend bringing at least 1 quart of water per person for this hike. But it’s beautiful and rewarding.

Double Arch is also a crowd-pleaser.

This hike is easy, and only about 0.5 miles. Absolutely doable.

And if you get a chance, visit Devils Garden. There are 4 trails there, all varying in length and difficulty, including the oh so actually delicate landscape arch, which many believe won’t last too much longer.

So many lovely things to see, so give it a go. And as always, remember to bring at least one gallon of water per person per day, especially if going in the summer.


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