Okay. So I kind of took a break for a second, partially because work has been crazy and taking a lot out of me, but also because I’ve been trying to figure out how to post my pics from Black Canyon. There are too many pics for one post, but too few pictures for multiple posts, so I settled on this: mini-posts for each view point, but one large post on the best places to stop in Black Canyon. Here is the first of this little series!

Black Canyon is a beautiful mini grand canyon in Colorado. It’s one of the newest but less visited national parks in the country. Right before you get to the visitor’s center at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison on the South Rim, there is a short hike with an absolutely gorgeous view. The trail is called Rim Rock, and I would highly recommend this trail in the fall, because the colors are phenomenal.

Trail: Rim Rock, 2 mi roundtrip

Park: Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Location: Montrose County, CO

Difficulty: Moderate

Shade and Seating: Most of the trail is fairly shaded. Some benches available for viewing

Wheelchair Accessible: No

Parking: Good parking

Shuttle Service: No

Price: $20 for 7 day pass

I’m going to let you on in a secret: the Black Canyon is always fairly empty. Perfect for beautiful shots and some alone time in nature.

The layers upon layers of enormous rock was just so beautiful.

The whole trail is less than 2 miles roundtrip, and it is a fairly easy trail, regardless of the website saying it’s moderate. We did this first thing in the morning and it took less than a half hour, and it was definitely one of the most beautiful views.

And this was just the first stop of the day. A great way to start, honestly.

Mary Jane xx

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