Yes. There are that many lakes along the Emerald Lake Trail. 5 all together. Definitely visit all 5. They’re beautiful. Here is the last of this magnificent trail:

Trail: Lake Haiyaha, 3.9 mi round trip

Park: Rocky Mountain National Park

Location: Estes Park, CO

Difficulty: Moderate

Incline: 865 ft

Shade and Seating: Most of the trail is fairly shaded. No seating.

Wheelchair Accessible: No

Parking: Minimal parking, must get there very early to get a spot.

Shuttle Service: Yes

Price: $25 for a day pass, $35 for 7 days

On the trail, right before you hit Nymph lake, it separates and takes you in the opposite direction of Emerald Lake. It’s a little strenuous at the beginning, because it’s nothing but uphill, but the views make it worth it.

Down below you can see Nymph and Bear Lake.

And somewhere over that mountain range is Sky Pond. It’s amazing looking at where you’ve been and how far you can go.

There is a touch of clambering over some large rocks to get to the lake. And the lake is reaaaallly, cold in the fall, so dress warm.

For newbie hikers, a good rule of thumb I go by when hiking in the fall: dress in layers. Hikes can get hot in the middle, but can be freezing at the end.

Back down at the bottom, the sun finally rose enough to see Nymph lake. There is something about lily pads that make things seem so magical.

And at the very beginning of the trailhead, there is Bear Lake, which IS wheelchair accessible.

Another successful hike, another successful weekend. Good lookin’ out, Colorado. You’ve been amazing so far.


Mary Jane xx

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