I’ve got more of a chilled post for you today! Not a hike (I really needed time to recover from the week before), but still nature related!

Okay, first thing I want to say is that there are so many ways to get to the Denver Airport. My bestie and I are a little strange; we enjoy going to the airport just to watch planes take off and watch the sun set. I had found a particularly empty field perfect for sunsets, and it had back roads leading out to Denver International. So we decided to explore a little bit. I am SO happy we did, because we came across this:

I liked it so much, I came back the next morning to look at the field at sunrise

These sunflowers were HUGE. Taller than me. I’m assuming about 6’6″-ish. Such a wonderful stumble-upon.

After sunflower gazing, we took a little kayaking day trip in the Cherry Creek Reservoir.

In the reservoir, you can see a lot of wildlife; cranes, egrets, frogs, ducks, etc.

There are also little outlets from the reservoir among the reeds that were fun to explore.

Wonderful Sunday. Cherry Creek Reservoir, in my opinion, isn’t the BEST place to kayak. It’s not very well shaded, and all the boaters create such a big wake that it kind of makes you nauseated. But still fun nonetheless!


Back again next week with a new hike (:

Mary Jane xx

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