I’m currently writing this as I’m jamming out to Taylor Swift’s new album, Lover. It’s amazing, and I don’t care what you think. I may have listened to it non-stop for 3 days now….probably dozens of times all the way through.

I wanted to try something new. For the most part my posts are about hikes and travels, and I thought I’d start listing useful information about what I’m doing. Today, I’ll kind of put all the info at the beginning, and then post all of the pictures afterwards…You let me know if you’d like it this way, or prefer the info to be at the bottom!


Park: Garden of the Gods

Location: Colorado Springs

Trail: There are many trails that all intertwine. It’s all dependent on what you want to see or do. Trails are from 0.17 mi to 4.11 mi round trip. Most popular trail, however, is the Central Garden Trail (1.56 mi)

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Incline: Minimal

Shade and Seating: For the most part, not much shade, unless you stand directly behind one of the formations at sunrise/sunset. There are benches scattered throughout the park

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Parking: Easily accessible, but be there early

Shuttle Service: Yes

Price: Free!

Website: https://gardenofgods.com/

Here is my history lesson for Garden of the Gods: Charles Elliot Perkins purchased the land in Colorado Springs back in the 1870s, and instead of building on the property where the rock formations were, he built around them. He declared that this land should be a park and should always remain free (which I think is awesome).

If you’re wondering how the park got its name, here’s an excerpt from the website: “It was August of 1859 when two surveyors started out from Denver City to begin a townsite, soon to be called Colorado City. While exploring nearby locations, they came upon a beautiful area of sandstone formations. M. S. Beach, who related this incident, suggested that it would be a “capital place for a beer garden” when the country grew up. His companion, Rufus Cable, a “young and poetic man”, exclaimed, “Beer Garden! Why it is a fit place for the Gods to assemble. We will call it the Garden of the Gods.” It has been so called ever since.”

Honestly, I’m glad Garden of the Gods stuck as the name…but you have to admit that it would have been a reaaallly cool beer garden, as well.

The surrounding view is pretty breathtaking, too. You can even see Pikes Peak tickling the clouds in the distance.

As always, if you pay the park a visit, go early, wear sunscreen, bring water, and enjoy!


Mary Jane xx

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