Let’s continue down my little Zion’s saga. In-between the stops from the Riverside Trail and our next destination, Weeping Rock, there is Stop 8. Stop 8 is definitely worth getting off and taking a quick look around yourselves. The landscape is unbeatable. And you get a really cool view of the base of Angel’s Landing.

The shuttle runs every few minutes, so you won’t be in danger of being stranded for longer than you want. But following Stop 8, there is the Weeping Rock Trail. This short hike is mostly shaded, a little steep, but beautiful, nonetheless.

Down at the base of the trail, there’s a small little creek, easy enough to get to and cool off in with the kids.

But after a short 5-10 minute walk, you come along to the Weeping Rock.

The reason the rock weeps is due to years of basically back flow of fluid that can’t seep into the earth because of the impermeable layer of rock underneath. So instead, the water has to look for other outlets, being the wall of the rock. Because of this, it’s created a lush, green hanging garden on the side of the wall.

And the view from the top of the trail is gorgeous as well.

Highly recommend. GO TO ZION’S!


Mary Jane xx


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