Books, Books, and more Books (Day 10)

Brief absence from the blog, mostly because I felt sick and nauseated every time I looked at my computer screen…but also, I started pressuring myself into trying to write daily, and when I was emotionally unable to open up my laptop, I started feeling guilty. I thought that this was no way to write a blog about loving yourself, so I allowed myself time to recover a little from my own personal ambitions. Plus, it’s healthy to take time away from the internet. But I’m back at it!

Today, I’d like to talk about books.  I think that books are HIGHLY underrated these days. It’s all become about instantaneous streaming of movies and tv shows. Don’t get me wrong! I love my (almost daily) Netflix binge, but I’ve already come to realize that it doesn’t make me feel better as a human. Not the way books do. When I read, I find myself in a new world, engrossed by characters and scenery in my head. Or I learn SO much. I love all sorts of books. That’s another thing: reading doesn’t have to be limited to a specific type of genre. You can read fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and such…but there’s so much more out there! I not only read fiction, I read self-help books, cookbooks, the American Journal of Nursing, audiobooks, and how-to books! (Btw, the how-to books have really gotten me hooked).

Something I absolutely have to recommend is the how-to books. Especially when you’ve grown up in the kind of household I did, where basic needs and chores weren’t ever explained, but were still expected of you. I feel like I self-taught myself most of the things I know…but that doesn’t mean I know how to do them correctly. In fact, I’m still pretty sure I’m doing my laundry wrong..But I’ll be able to figure it out eventually!

Now I know what you’re thinking…”Mary Jane, you can look up how to do anything on the internet.” And that’s great! But there’s something more fulfilling for me having a book on hand that explains almost everything I need in one place. I personally love The Martha Manual, by Martha Stewart. It’s so comprehensive and covers everything from how to paint walls, to how to clean your kitchen, to grooming your pet correctly, and how to throw amazing parties.

The physical aspect of books is so appealing to me. There’s something about being able to thumb through pages, smell that new book smell, look to see how far I am in the book, and being able to store all my beloved books on the shelf, readily available when I want to read them again.

Of course, how you read is all up to your personal liking. If you prefer Kindles, great! If you’d rather listen to books, that’s awesome to! But I cannot stress how important it is to continue reading, even after you’re finished with school. I turn to books not only to enhance my mind, grow my knowledge bank, and experience new materials, but for emotional support as well. Do you know how many times I’ve read the Harry Potter books? I don’t either. It’s too many times to count now. But certain books feel like home. They’re warm and inviting, and the characters feel like old friends. Whenever I am too lost for words and comprehension, I nestle up in my warm bed, and read. It’s a good escape for a little while, but it also teaches me life lessons that should be applied to my daily living.

Read. Read to yourself, read to your kids, read to your pets, it doesn’t matter. Just read.

I love you all,

Mary Jane xx



  • Cleaned my apartment
  • Looked into furthering my career
  • Blogged
  • Emailed my father

1 thought on “Books, Books, and more Books (Day 10)

  1. Recent book I read. I loved it!
    The Gift of Imperfection
    By Berne Brown


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