Word Creates World (Day 7)

I think it’ll be good for me to at least take a day off once a week from this blog. As much as I’m enjoying doing it, I need to allow myself the time to not worry about having to write something every day. I’m already doing so much better than I thought I was with this.

We’ve made it to a full week of Self-Love! Congratulations to us. Today, I want to talk about something very important. Neil Roseman, a business mogul, said the phrase “word creates your world.” This is something I read a little bit more about in Get a PhD in YOU. It’s this concept that the power of the words you chose almost predetermine how you achieve certain goals. For example:

If I kept telling myself “You’re unmotivated to eat healthy and go to the gym, so you will never lose weight” I’ve already made the assumption in my head that I’m going to continue down this unhealthy pathway. Instead, I need to be using words of love and encouragement, such as “I am open to eating healthier and setting a possible schedule to go to the gym in order to be healthier.” This way, it opens the idea up that I CAN do it, but it doesn’t make me feel obligated to do it either, which in turn makes me feel better instead of beating myself up if there really isn’t a time I can go to the gym, but also encourages me to try.

Take this picture, for example. This was during my trek into the Sahara Desert. I was so unbelievably ill during this trip. Not only was I getting extreme motion sickness driving along the winding roads of the High Atlas Mountains, but I had contracted walking pneumonia (like I normally do when I travel). If I had let my illness get to me, this photo would have never happened. With encouragement from my friends as well as myself, I had to tell myself “It’s going to be a good day, a good trip, and I am going to love it no matter what,” instead of “I am too sick to do this.” And boy, my attitude really changed the whole trip around. It was such a wonderful experience.

Words really determine our whole world. It can simply start from the moment you wake up. You can tell yourself it’ll be a good day, or you can decide it’ll be a bad one. It’s all about your perspective. Like today, I was placed in a very…non-coveted area of my department to take care of patients, it would have been eeeaaassssyyy to make the day a terrible one, not only for me but for the people around me. But instead of thinking of it in that way, I consider it a challenge instead. Oh you want labs? Sure I’ll get you labs. Oh you need to figure out how to transfer a patient to IR? And CT? I’ll get on that. Oh, you want me to give a med I’ve never heard of? Lemme look it up, learn about it, and I’ll get right on it. And by the end of the day, I feel like a super hero, because I accomplished several hard tasks that usually don’t occur in that part of our department.

However, I do forget my super power strength by the end of the day. It’s not perfect. I’m not perfect….but I’m learning. Truth be told, I got home, and I was feeling fine until after dinner. All of a sudden, I felt alone and lost again. So I turned to books. But that’s a conversation for tomorrow (:

I love you all,

Mary Jane xx


  • Applied (for the sake of looking into) travel nursing positions…not sure if it’s for me yet.
  • Read to Chapter 8 of Get a PhD in YOU


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