Remembering Those Moments (Day 5)

Upon reading the next chapter of Getting a PhD in YOU, it brought up some good journaling points, and I figured this would be a good place to chat about them. In chapter three, it asks to list three points in life in the past 10 years where you have noticed positive awareness and changed from tough situations. Then it asks to write down the events that caused those moments of new awareness. And finally, it asks to connect the two and how you can see they are linked. I thought I’d share one of my personal moments.

It happened when I was about 20 years old. It was after my father’s first arrest. I was struggling so much and I decided I needed space away from the mess, the drama, and my family. This was the time I decided to get as far as I could away: I fled to London. I decided to throw myself into volunteer work in a new land. The first few weeks in London, I remember feeling guilty about leaving my family behind as they continued to struggle without me. I knew I needed to be home with them as they dealt with the situation, but at the same time, I needed time for me too. How could I help them if I couldn’t help myself? It wasn’t until I compartmentalized my issues and started paying attention to my clients that I started to learn who I was as a person. I fell completely in love with the work I was doing. I fell completely in love with my travels. I fell in love with who I was when I was out there. I learned to be happy…at least for a little while.

But like anything else, you have to practice to keep things up. Over the past few years, I have forgotten to practice the love I had for myself. And as things continued to get hard, I let them consume me rather than value who I was as a person. But that trip away really changed me for the better, even if I couldn’t remember how to love myself. It taught me that helping others is my main goal in life. It solidified my career as a nurse. I applied for nursing school not too long after I got back, and I will never regret that decision. That one tough situation completely changed me for the better. I am ever so grateful for all the hard things I face in this life….I love you all

Mary Jane xx



  • I showered and got out of the house, even though I didn’t want to
  • I purchased myself new books to enjoy
  • I spent time with family
  • I tidied up the house

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