The Small Things (Day 3)


Sometimes, after a busy day, loving yourself just means appreciating the small things. Today was a day I felt like I didn’t want to be alone. And like I said in yesterday’s post: Listen to what you need. So instead of going home to an empty house, I called up my sister to see if she wanted to spend some time with me.


Whenever I feel lonely, I feel like taking the time to be grateful for the small things always makes me feel better. Two hours with my sister, eating cake, sipping hot chocolate, and having a (rather inappropriate..) conversation really helped me. It reminds me of what I have and what I am able to accomplish. I’m in a position where I do have the ability to work, I have the ability to call up a friend or family member, I have the ability to just take the time to sip hot chocolate. That is an accomplishment in itself. Not only because of the privileges I have been blessed with, but because of my ability to overcome my victimization.

In the past, I have had an issue with playing the victim. If I felt sad, I would reaaaaallly feed those negative emotions and let it fill the rest of my day. I’d continue to feel sorry for myself, and use it as a means to cut myself down. Now, however, when I recognize those feelings, I counteract them by listing things I’m grateful for, including the ability to reach out to others. I’m not perfect, however. Some days I continue to feel sad…but that’s okay, too. It’s okay to allow yourself to feel sad every once and a while, but don’t let it consume you.

Always remember the small things. I love you all (:

Mary Jane xx



  • Reached out to some one I trusted when trying to combat loneliness
  • Meditated using Calm app, Day 3 Self-Esteem


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