My favorite part about London is just the life and spirit that lives in the streets of the city. I love wandering around and just experiencing the exciting atmosphere.

I started my day in Piccadilly; although it’s quite a busy, touristy location, it’s still a great place to visit just to see the sights, listen to the street performers, and get some good food.

And some of the most British sights are here too, such as…

The double-deckers are everywhere, but it’s one of the things I love about this city.

A short walk away from Piccadilly is Trafalgar Square.

There was the most handsome dog in front of the National Art Gallery. I had to take a couple pictures

Around the corner from Trafalgar is the Mall, leading up to Buckingham Palace.


It did take a minute to get a good picture (in the middle of the road) without all the cars. This area of London is always super busy.

Keep walking a little ways, and you find yourself in Westminster.

Unfortunately, for this trip, the most iconic sight of London was under reconstruction, so I didn’t get a shot of Big Ben and Parliament. But, that didn’t stop us from having some lovely High Tea!

Mary Jane xx

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