Just a quick clarification: It’s pronounced “ed-in-burr-ah” not “ed-in-berg.” Good, I’m glad we got that cleared up (:

My last day in Scotland I spent in Edinburgh. There was a bit of a late start to the day, so by the time we got into the heart of the city, it was buzzing with life.

I have to confess that I absolutely love Gothic architecture. I may have taken several pictures of just this one piece..

In the surrounding area, there is music being played, on the bagpipes no less.

We settled in for a place to eat lunch. I think we mostly stopped at this place because of the name:

It was a cute little spot that was surprisingly filled with Americans. In fact, I think the bartender and my friend were the only Brits in the entire establishment..

I typically don’t drink gin, but this drink was so refreshing a light, I actually bought myself a bottle on the way home…It’s particularly special because the gin is PINK!

After lunch, we wandered through a particularly old graveyard on our way up to Edinburgh Castle.

I’ve always found it interesting the difference in graveyards between cities. I’ve noticed that in Utah, all of the graveyards are well kept, lawns mowed, tombstones washed. However, in the UK, everything is left to its own devices. The grass becomes overgrown, and if the headstones break…they’re just left there.

I also enjoyed the fact that daffodils were wildly growing throughout the graveyard. There’s something poetic about beautiful life growing where life no longer exists.

Also, there was this weird cactus tree. Anyone know what it is?

Eventually, we made it up the hill to the castle.

And the view from the top was lovely.

We didn’t get into the castle because of how late in the day it was. But I did snap some pics from the outside

The rest of the day was spent walking down the Royal Mile. Here there are lots of shops, more street performers, and lots of pubs and restaurants.

Edinburgh was wonderful, and I hope to go back again.


Mary Jane xx


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