I’m often told that I’m too young to remember 9/11. This just isn’t true. Yes, I may have been young, but that day had a big impact on my life.

I remember that day very well. I was getting ready for school, and just as my mom and I were about to leave, my grandma calls telling us to turn on the news because one of the towers had been hit. We watched as the story unfolded and I witnessed the second plane hit the second tower and watched it fall.

That was the first time in my life that I realized that there are terrible people doing terrible things in this world. I went to school tearful, and we canceled all of our lessons for the day. Instead, we sat in a circle and shared our feelings on the events. We shared how scared we were, how sad we were, and how confused we were at what was going on.

9/11 is a big day in the history of our country and I hope we never forget the lives that were lost, both victims and heroes.

Sandy City does something every year called the Healing Field. I highly suggest going to this event at least once. On 9/11 each year they put up 3,000 flags, signifying all of the lives that have been lost, animals included. The sight is powerful and solemn. It really grounds you and reminds you of the loss our country faced.

Each flag has a card attached to it, with a name and a story of a life that was lost. Each card different from the next.

They also provide a beautiful program with speakers such as Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan and 9/11 responders that share their experiences on that fateful day. A theme for today’s program was also Suicide Awareness. As I suffer from PTSD myself, I am very passionate about this topic.

The Motor Brigade brought in the Colors.

A couple of phrases stuck out to me from the program:

  1. You may be the person that saves a life.
  2. Freedom is never free.

Remember the lives that were lost. Remember the heroes that risk their own lives trying to save others. Respect the sacrifices that have been given and are continued to be given to this day. God bless our country as we go through such terrible and troubling times.

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