In Miami, there is a cool little museum called the Vizcaya. The Vizcaya was once a lavish house that started construction in 1914. It’s architecture is modeled after the Europeans and one of the US’s last, intact construction of the Gilded Age; a time of extremely wealthy idustrialists.

The Vizcaya House has such a rich history, I recommend looking into it:

In the morning, we started on the beach, because there was a turtle’s nest that was supposed to hatch any day. We didn’t see any turtles, but the sights of the beach in the morning were enough.

After breakfast, and a little extra beach time, we headed to the Museum.

The pathway leading up to the house is filled with these little guys jumping all over the place.

The front of the house is a beautiful site to behold, but inside, behind, and in the gardens was so much more.

There were huge iguanas out and about. Some nearly the size of Miara and me.

And this little guy creeped me out because I thought it was a spider:

There is so much more to this museum than I photographed. It was the middle of July when we were there, and I don’t recommend going in the middle of the summer, if you are not acclimated to the heat. But I do recommend visiting, because this place was breathtaking.

Mary Jane xx



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