A Gravitational Pull

I was going through some of the blogs I had while in high school and starting into the first few years of college. I came across this little anecdote and I felt that it’s something worth sharing. So, enjoy (:

September 1st, 2012

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Today, I felt gravity. I felt the earth’s gravity pulling me closer to the core of this strange planet we call home. I felt the pressure on my body, the sludgy motions as I melt and pull closer to the ground. And no, I’m not talking about an analogy for emotions. I mean I literally felt the force of gravity around me. I felt the heaviness of my body, his body, her body, every one. The cars slowly inching their way across the road, overcome with immobility due to the forces being exerted onto their small masses. I felt the objects on the other side of the world, as in below us, being pulled closer to us. I felt aware of my body. The weight it has, and the pressure I’m applying to the earth’s fine layer of crust. I felt the closeness between us all. We’re all being pulled to the center of earth, but we can’t seem to touch each other. I felt heavier than I have ever felt in my entire life. It’s amazing with all this force being put on us that we can even walk at all.

What, then, would it feel like to walk on Mars? Mars’ force of gravity is 4/10s of the earth’s. What would it be like, being 4/10s lighter than usual? Would I jump higher? Run with bigger strides? Dance with the grace that a ballet dancer yearns to achieve? Would I therefore feel lighter in mood? Because lightness is something we all seek. Whether it be physically or emotionally. Would being 60% lighter, 60% higher, 60% more graceful…affect the way we think? Or is it all perception? Would we still be jealous of one another? You can jump 2 feet higher than I can. I hate you. Would we ever lose the jealousy we feel for others?

Maybe we should all move to the sun. Where everyone would weigh 300,000 times more than on earth. No one would jump, no one would run, no one would dance. Would we, in turn, still be jealous of each other? Dismissing the fact, of course, that we would ultimately burn before we could even get close to the sun. If no one could do anything, what could any of us be jealous of? Beauty? It wouldn’t matter, we wouldn’t see anyway.

Maybe that’s our problem. We are blind without even being on the sun. We are blinded with the green envious shade of jealousy that we don’t see each other for what we really are: Human.






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