Over Thanksgiving break, Isabelle and I decided to take a short little trip out to the west coast. It was a long and overdue vacation for the both of us, and we were excited for it.

Though we weren’t able to do everything we wanted (because we were sick for parts of the trip) we still had a great time.

IMG_1064 IMG_1066IMG_1073 IMG_1077 IMG_1081Our first day we spent at the beach.

IMG_1083 IMG_1086 IMG_1092 IMG_1097 IMG_1098 IMG_1101Mr. Lifeguard, you can rescue me anytime 😉

We also had a nice bonfire…

IMG_1106We went to La Jolla..

IMG_1107 IMG_1111 IMG_1116 IMG_1117 IMG_1108 IMG_1119 IMG_1122 IMG_1125 IMG_1129 IMG_1130 IMG_1134 IMG_1143 IMG_1151 IMG_1153 IMG_1158 IMG_1160 IMG_1161 IMG_1163 IMG_1169 IMG_1173 IMG_1174And saw the skyline at Coronado Island

IMG_1179 IMG_1182 IMG_1185As well as a relaxing hike along sunset cliffs the morning we drove back home.

IMG_1194 IMG_1195 IMG_1196 IMG_1197 IMG_1198 IMG_1199 IMG_1200Look, it’s me! 😀


I found Isabelle!IMG_1202 IMG_1203 IMG_1206 IMG_1208 IMG_1211IMG_1212 IMG_1214 IMG_1217 IMG_1218 IMG_1219 IMG_1220 IMG_1221 IMG_1224 IMG_1225I love San Diego. Probably why I’ve gone twice within a year. Who knows, maybe I’ll move out there after college for a bit?


Mary Jane xx

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