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We Have Lift Off

Oh…hello. Remember me? You’re blog? You’ve ignored me for so long, I’ve gotten lonely.

Well, I’m back for now. We’ll see if I can keep this up (:

This past weekend was lovely. Good food, good festivals, and good company really accounts for a great weekend. Especially when there are hot air balloons involved. I’ve been to a hot air balloon festival in the past, and when I saw there was one in my area, I jumped at the opportunity to go. take offgetting close

Apparently, this happens in Sandy every year, about the first week of August. They have lift off on Friday and Saturday morning, and then they have a “glow” saturday night. May I recommend not going to the glow? We thought it would be fun, because they advertised food, music, and balloons. However, it was….lame. But the morning is fantastic. Watching the balloons set up and take off is fun. And free!

peeking sunaligningblowin upcolorful silhoslook upcolorful silhosclose upcoming back downI’m definitely going to go again next year. (:


Mary Jane xx

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