Whelp, I’ve officially had this blog for a year! My first real-time blog post was on the Holi festival last year! Also, it’s getting so close to blogging season I can taste it on my lips. I’m super excited to start up again! Well…let’s be honest, I’m more excited to be done with the semester, but that’s neither here nor there. Since I’ve already posted about color fest before, I’m just gonna share the pictures and shut up now. (:

hellooodeuceshenna distractionhenna handshenna waitingscott's yelloweyesmy sunglassesfirst lookhigh fivemore handsisabelle and imy point of viewscott's face hapowdered handscolor throwreaching outhand printat the endso orangebluesreflectionshake it offHopefully I can start doing this every week again. Even though I’m not traveling out of country this summer, I hope this summer will be full of nothing but adventure!


Mary Jane xx

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