Diwali Festival

So I guess I kind of gave up on my whole 4 week challenge thing…it’s okay. I’ve been too busy, and school comes first!

I started out the day with an exam (gross) and as soon as I got back, I grabbed my roomies and we headed out for lunch in downtown Provo.

gurusWe ended up at a restaurant called Gurus. From the sound of the name, it might seem like it’s Indian food. But I don’t think they even know what type of food the specialize in. I had teriyaki chicken, Kailee had quesadillas, and Chelsey had a chicken salad sandwich, and Jenna decided to get hot wings from somewhere else….so…But we didn’t care. The food was delicious!


After a lazy afternoon of munching on donuts, watching Parks and Rec, and snoozing away, I finally decided to get up and stop being a couch potato, because the fun was about to begin.

I got the chance this weekend to go up to Salt Lake and participate in yet another Hindu festival. This time of year, they celebrate Diwali, which is the festival of lights. The whole point of this festival is the celebration of Krishna an the conquering of good versus evil, hence the symbolism of the lights conquering the dark.

A group of us headed up to the Krishna Temple in Salt Lake. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, since I’ve never been to this particular temple, and I’ve never participated in the Diwali festival before. But we crossed our fingers and went for it, desperately hoping there would be food and henna.  (May I remind you of my obsession with tattoos?)

reinactingkrishnaWhen we got there, there was a skit going on, depicting the life of the young Krishna and how he overcame evil. After, there was dancing, food, and the traditional circling of a shrine, offering of food, and the remission of sins.

candlesthree dancesdancing girlslighting candlesAt the end of all of the performances, there is the lighting of the candles ceremony.

fest of lightsWe each get a candle, pay our respects to Krishna, and place it at his feet.


krishna shrine

Then we proceeded outdoors for fireworks!

squigglesboomexplosionsAt the end, the group went for some late night breakfast, had some laughs, and we headed back home. A good evening, and culturally enriching. I am in love with the Hindu religion and the Indian culture. I am DYING to go to India. Someday….soon…


Mary Jane xx


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