For the first time in weeks, I finally had the opportunity to leave my books and papers at home and actually get out of the apartment. I headed back up north to my love, the city.

But first, I stopped by my hometown to see the trees changing in the canyons.

1800 scolored vinesI love fall. Call me a typical “White Girl” with the pumpkin spiced everything, boots, and large over-sized sweaters. I don’t care. I’ll do what I want.

Any way. Back to the city..

wells fargoDowntown Salt Lake is definitely no San Fran, New York, or London. But it’s still a wonderful little city. It’s skyscrapers are more like sky ticklers. They try so hard.

Scottie and I first stopped for a bite to eat at a little restaurant called Eva.

evaIt was recommended to me by a coworker of mine. It didn’t let me down.

insideThe food was good, and I’m not food critic, but I think the plates could have been executed better. They were not very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But it was good! Don’t get me wrong.

do you like cheeseWe started with a cheese plate and some preserved fruits, followed by beets with goat cheese.

i'll beet youBeets me why I’ve never eaten these before. Actually, I still have issues swallowing them down, haha. Maybe if the beets were peared with some spinach, feta, and pears….. 😉

Then we had the Oink, Oink, Oink. Really, that’s the name of the dish. Here it is on the menu..

oink oinkporkies stomachPork Belly. It was so good.

platesAfter we finished and payed, we walked down the road a bit to this bakery I’ve been too once before…And what do you know? It’s owned by the same person as the restaurant!

eva's bakeryEva’s bakery. The sweetest little shop on Main Street. in the cornerpurpleWe ordered my favorite: Creme Brulee.

cremeBest creme I’ve had in Utah so far.

lip stainsWe then made our way to Capitol Theatre, for the main attraction.

the capitolat the operastagegolf ballThe ceiling of Capitol Theatre always reminded me of a golf ball that was slung into the ceiling and never taken out…thought so ever since I first danced here. Imagine a tiny 8 year old Mary Jane dressed as a little clown and dancing around the stage for the Nutcracker at Christmas. Can you do it? No? That’s okay. (:

The Opera was amazing. Tragically beautiful, I cried at the end.

After all the bows were taken, we stepped out into the chilly night air, listening to the night life of Salt Lake City. We took one last look at the theatre and went on our way.


one last look28 Days of Happy: Day 8


This whole night.

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