India Fest

As I’m back in uni for the next 9 months, getting around to do things is quite difficult. With homework and actual work, I feel like I’m barely treading water. But all will be well. But until then, these posts will be fewer and less interesting until summer finally hits again. However, I will try my best to keep this blog up. Because I actually enjoy it!

This week’s endeavors were much easier for me to make time for because it was part of my homework for a religions class. On Saturday, a few of us headed out to India Fest at the Lotus Temple down in Spanish Fork.

If you know me, anywhere there is culture and food, I’ll be there.

TemplearchedThere was a ton of things going on. Dancing, music, henna, animal petting; we didn’t know where to start!

With food of course.

chairs and tablesfoodCurry, beans, rice, pita…it was sooo good.

Inside the temple, there’s also a sweet little shop

shopnecksvasewrapselephantsAnd upstairs, they were singing praises of Hare Krishna. Many were there to worship, but the majority of the people were onlookers, wanting to join in, but unsure of what exactly to sing.

shrineshrine 2ceilingbellsOutside there was more music and dancing, but I was more interested with the architecture and decor around the temple.

elliescreenshadowsBeautiful. I don’t know much about the Indian Culture or the Hindu religion, but I’m gonna find out! I’ll add India on my list of places to go! Maybe 2016…


Mary Jane xx


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