Moving Uni, Moving House

I fear my posts will be fewer and much less interesting…school’s starting up. Sort of dreading it.

It’s been a year and a half since I was last a full time student, so I’m worried about how I’m going to take the course load, especially since this is my first semester as a Nursing Student. Excited to finally get it over with though…

But getting into the nursing program at a different school means transferring your whole life. Literally. All of my school records, grades, and all my personal belongings had to be moved down to this new University. But you know what? It’s not too bad down here so far..

boxesNow, our apartment is pretty shabby, which is a shame since all of us are paying a near $1200 all together for rent. Not too happy about that. The carpets and the couch are filthy, and none of the drawers close. But what can we do? We’re only here for 8 months anyway.

walking outroomiesA group of some good looking people. But guess what? It’s only our second night in our apartment, and we’ve already got some boys cooking for us. 😉

stuck them boyscooking chicken




spencerAnd serenading us.

shaq lighteningslap da bassguitarWe met these guys….yesterday. Yup. Only in Provo would you let people you just met cook you dinner in your own apartment, and feel completely safe about it.

laughingset the tablefood's cominggimme foodnom timeThe boys even made this gorgeous looking dish:

beautifulSo artsy.

dem boys eatAfter getting our fill of dinner, we chatted away, sang, ate ice cream, and even got free massages from a student studying to be a massage therapist. Soooo relaxing.

chat awayThe night ended with a gorgeous sunset followed by thunderstorms and hail. I won’t complain if every Sunday ends up being like this..


Mary Jane xx


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