I’m sort of an adrenaline junkie, and I’ve been doing some active things these past few weeks. But work has been so hard lately, that it was time to relax and treat myself to one of my most favorite activities (apart from Netflixing of course): Afternoon Tea.

Now, I know every one is sick of hearing about London and all, but seriously, I love it so much, I don’t believe I will ever stop talking about it. Sorry, not sorry.

I did High Tea out in the UK twice last year. Once in London, at the Connaught Hotel, and once in Oxford. Each time was extravagant, beautiful, and delicious. I didn’t expect to find a similar experience in Utah. But I did!

High Tea is never cheap though, keep that in mind. I paid a good near $80 in London for tea, and that was at one of the cheapest venues. Luckily, Utah isn’t anywhere near as expensive. The  only place in Utah that offers High Tea (from what I’ve found) is the Grand America Hotel in Downtown Salt Lake. empty tablesstrawberriesmenuhello thereUnfortunately, I was unable to do this this time around out there in London town. I don’t think the company I kept would have participated..too posh for them I think….so this definitely made up for it! (I really hope they aren’t reading this). Tea was promptly at 1pm. They started with a wonderful display of a blooming jasmine flower. The bud would float to the top of freshly poured hot water, then as the water seeped through the leaves, it would sink to the bottom and bloom.

jasmine topjasmine bottomjasmine openjasmine flowerThen the endless tea, cakes, and finger sandwiches followed.

sandwichessaltysconesspreadsdeviledpouringtea timeraspberriesI just love those raspberries! Let’s take a closer look..

and a blueberrymadelinesselfieAfter chattering away about the upcoming semester, travels, and moving house, as well as stuffing ourselves with as many goodies as we could, we paid and wandered about the hotel.

empty chairstick tockcelfieThe bathroom was so marble-y….

the shopWe even stumbled across this quaint little shop.

macaroonsSo many delicious macaroons….My favorite!

goodiesAs well as a bunch of expensive, imported, French goodies.

Beautiful and relaxing, just what I needed! Now just to slip into a luxurious bubble bath…


Mary Jane xx

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