Excuse Me Sir, Are You Dead?

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Such a busy week, so this post is a bit late. However, it’s also kind of early….

Are you ready for Halloween?


I know, I know. It’s not for another couple of months, but dressing up like Zombies for a good cause makes up for the earliness, don’t you think?

Every year, in August, there is a Zombie Walk in Salt Lake City. It’s hosted by the Salt Lake Comicon and the Utah Food Bank. In essence, it’s a food drive.

the cornerAll participants gathered at Liberty Square downtown.

county court housechannel 4lotta folksripped facesfood bankmustache manit's filmingnose ringsquadbadassShe seemed pretty badass to me.

ew bloodcrutcheschainedgimme attitudeso redback uprun boy runlizThis is a coworker of mine, Liz. She’s the one that told me about this whole thing. She leads a pretty awesome life.

eat localsdoggie zombieblue eyesIt’s pretty fun to experience. And for donating food, they gave us a free comicon ticket. But I was definitely out of place, without any blood all over me. So I tried to blend in with the statues.

looking upDoesn’t work? Dang, I thought I was convincing.


Mary Jane xx

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