Fourth of July is the one time of year the whole of America bands together to celebrate their disdain for Britain, even though every other day, a lot of us are quite smitten with that little country. When Independence day comes round, all of our relationships with the UK are thrown out the window, and we blow things up to celebrate. Our Fourth was quite enjoyable.

lily mae's balloonsAlways sporting the Red, White, and Blue.

haha ballooonsscarfWhen we celebrate the Fourth, we typically start on the 1st, and keep going until the 7th. It’s completely legal to set of fireworks anytime in that time frame in the state of Utah. So we celebrate over a couple of days as well.

We started with the fireworks show here in my hometown.

sunsetmountainsWith a lot of waiting for the sky to get dark.

boyautumnWe ended up at….someone’s house…still not quite sure whom?

hometikiguysAnd still we waited..

moosestreamlinered burstinnit boomred glowindependence dayburstsThen, on a following day, we got out the sparklers and celebrated some more

scott and isparkler outHaving traveled to a few places here and there, I find it quite important to realize and appreciate exactly where you come from. Whether you like it or not, it does define you.

Being an American definitely has a stigma around it. I’ve heard several different things about what an American should or shouldn’t be. But these opinions are all based on stereotypes. America may be a leader in obesity, but that doesn’t mean we’re are all overweight. We don’t sue everyone at any chance we get. We don’t all speak with a Southern accent. We aren’t all cowboy boot, gun-loving, beer drinking folk.

Sometimes, all foreigners know are the stereotypes, and they end up quite confused when they meet people like me. I’ve asked several Americans what they think defines their nationality, and there is and always will be a wide range of answers. Anything from the documented proof that you’re a citizen here, the idea that we all chase the American Dream, or that we are all a group of weirdos that are brave to be strange.

In my opinion, I believe what defines us is our freedom and ability to dream. In the past, people chased the “American Dream,” which was your dream job, a family, and a new and fresh start to life. But now, I believe it’s anything we freaking want. We are unafraid to chase down what we want. Whether that be a career choice, a certain lifestyle, the ability to love…we dream, and we dream big. If they want that new iPhone, they are going to get it. If they want to get married and start a family, they will strive for it. If they want to do charity work in a 3rd world country, they won’t just sit at home, wishing, they will get out there and work for it. We are the Home of the Brave, and we will fight for our dreams, as so many before us has done. America truly is a wonderful place.


Mary Jane xx

PS. As a note to the readers, I am by no means saying that the soul purpose of the 4th of July is to celebrate our severing of ties with England. I have not shared my actual views on this holiday. Those who know me well know that I love this country as well as England more than anything else in the world. Know that I do celebrate the freedoms that we have been granted, as well as the lives that have been lost and are still fighting for those freedoms. The purpose of this post is purely for fun and pictures.

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