Bright Colors and Butterflies

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Today was my last day here in London. It’s always hard for me to leave this city. I’ll probably cry on the plane tomorrow. But that’s not for a few more hours.

It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do on my last day. I literally figured it out an hour before I left the flat. And what did I do? Spent the day with butterflies. The Natural History Museum in South Kensington has a Butterfly House Exhibit until September.

For some, that may sound nice, but I hate butterflies. There’s something about their faces…But honestly, how often are you able to spend time in a room with hundreds of butterflies? I thought I’d man up and just not think about their faces.

And I’m glad I did, it was quite enjoyable.

sensational butterfliesIf you do go, take note that it is bloody hot in there! 95 F to be exact. Also, butterflies WILL land on you, as well as spiders. So if you don’t like insects, I wouldn’t recommend it.

But if you can handle a few bugs, it’s quite beautiful..

gravelred with yellowflowerslight bluemonarchyorangelook upneon redred black whitecacoonblack and whitebutterfly meblue spotsAfter the butterflies, I went out for a nice glass of my favorite juice in the world

elderflowerAs well as a nice scone with cream and jam

lunchFollowed by a lovely walk through Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden

17 neal's yardhairy fairymeetingsfar outremediesAnd my last look at Westminster City..

last lookLondon is my favorite city in the entire world (as of yet). I’m thrilled to be able to visit as often as I do, and I’m excited to be able to bring my little sister out next year.

London, it’s been amazing. I’ll be seeing you soon.

Mary Jane xx


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