If you ever find yourself in London and you are really short on time but reaaallly want to see some of the major sites…might I suggest a walk?

This route is one of my favorites, only because it hits a lot of the major touristic sites that you absolutely have to see if you’re in the UK.

Besides, you always need to set aside a day to see the sites, right?

I’ve got a map at the bottom of the post showing the walking route, just in case you might want to try it out sometime. (:

I like starting here:

St. Paul's frontSt. Paul’s Cathedral! Though this view might be a little more familiar..

St. PaulsFeed the birds….St. Paul’s Cathedral is beautiful. It does cost money to go in, so I would recommend trying an Even Song or Mass. You’re able to go in for free! No pictures on the inside though…

Following St. Paul’s I like walking across Millenium Bridge. From here, you can see the Tate Modern Museum

tate modernHalf of the exhibits are free, it’s a great place to check out…You can also see The Shard

shardAnd Tower Bridge

tower bridgeAs well as Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

globe theaterThere’s also a pretty good view of St. Paul’s if you turn around

St. Paul's from milleniumAs you walk along the River heading towards South Bank, you pass several things including the best cinnamon peanuts in the world. Seriously, I’m pretty sure they’re coated with crack.

crackYou’ll see skate parks, book sales, amongst loads of food trucks and restaurants (for all you foodies)

skate parkgrafbooksalethe other bridgeOnce you walk past this bridge, you’ll get your first glimpse of Parliament

first view of bennyKeep going and you’ll see the carousel (2 quid to ride!)

carouselAnd street performers

magic performermusic performerFurther down, you’ll pass London Eye (as well as the London Dungeon Museum, Aquarium, and other things..)

london eye


If you want to ride the Eye, it is worth the money! But a couple suggestions:

1. Get your tickets beforehand. The queue for this attraction is long, and you don’t want to wait in another line just to get a ticket.

2. Go in the evening, when the sun is about to set, and the lights of the city come on. It’s beautiful!

Just past the Eye, you arrive at Westminster Bridge, where Parliament, the clock tower, and Big Ben are.

parliamentCross the bridge and go behind Westminster Palace, you’ll find Westminster Abbey.

behind the clockwestminister abbeyabbey frontI see you there Ben! Don’t think you can hide from me!

i see benOnce you’ve got your fill of Westminster, walk down White Hall road. On this street you’ll pass Downing Street and head straight to Trafalgar Square

downing streettrafalgarAt Trafalgar, you’ll always find loads to do. Street performers, small pubs and restaurants, and the National Art Gallery (which is completely free!)

To the left, you’ll see The Mall

mall gatebuckinghamWalking all the way down the mall, you’ll pass St. James’s Park and arrive (finally) to Buckingham Palace!

buckingham palace

If you take your time and visit the different museums and such as you go, this should fill up your morning and afternoon. There are so many other sites and attractions along this route that I didn’t add, such as Horse Guards Parade, the London Aquarium, and so on. It’s lovely. Believe me (:

Also, be sure to wear some comfortable shoes! It is over a 3 mile walk after all. Work those glutes!

Mary Jane xx


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