The past few days have been filled with food, a little adventure, and mostly sleep.

It’s blazing hot out here. Even though the forecast says its 75 F, it feels at least 90. So going out for a few hours all covered up (to be respectful) causes extreme dehydration so we rush home, drink a gallon of water and fall asleep for a while…maybe until the next meal, ha. But here’s kind of what we’ve been doing the past couple of days…I’ve been too lazy to take out my camera (:

Saturday Morning, we went out to a restaurant…on a boat! Mama Khadija’s (our host mom) cousin owns it, so we got a lovely tour.

boatLe dhowDSCN0580_Fotorboat loungeboats on waterpillowsLife saverkasbah from boatThe collection of homes within the walls in the above picture is where I live (: The Kasbah.

We stayed for a refreshing drink. I got the Pina Colada

pina coladarachel and serafinaThen we went up to the Mausoleum for Mohamed V and the Le Tour Hassan…Twice.

Le guards…

horse guardmausoleum1salute

ceiling mausoleumMausoleumpinnacleAnd then back to the Medina of course! We love our shopping..colorsAnd every day at every meal I have this conversation with our host mom:

Mama Khadija: “Kolee! Kolee! Eat! Eat!”

Me: “La, choukran! Choukran!” (No, thank you!)

Mama Khadija: “Labas?” (How is it?)

Me: “Oh, Bnine! Choukran!” (Delicious, Thank you!)

The women here basically force feed their guests. If you empty your plate, they assume you’re still hungry and give you more.

And Arabic is hard to learn…

Mary Jane xx



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