After 20+ hours of flights and layovers, I’m finally here! Rabat in all it’s glory. Here is my first view of Africa..

First look of Africa

I landed late last night, so it was hard to take pictures of anything. Our host family consists of 3 beautiful women. Khadiji (big), Fatima, and Khadiji (small).

They welcomed us with warm smiles, cake, and cookies!

morocco-chocolate-cakemoroccan-biscuitsWe tucked in quickly, said our goodnights, and went to bed.

Tip number one for traveling to Rabat, if you aren’t staying in a hotel, may I suggest some bug repellent? The homes here are basically all out doors, so mosquitoes were running rampant in our bedroom. I could just hear them buzzing around my head. It was an itchy night.

At 4 in the morning, we were awoken by what seemed to be singing. Many men all over the city singing at different times in different places. All I wanted to do was sleep, especially after going so long without, but the singing was so haunting…I later asked our host family what it was, and they said it was Prayer. They do it 5 times a day.

We were fed some delicious breakfast and we prepared to go walk about the area..

moroccan breakfastKhadija and Fatimakitchenpink hallwindow viewThis is our home for the next couple of weeks. It has a nice view of the Mausoleum. khadija wants attentionKhadija wanted in on some of the attention, haha

khadijaWe stepped out the door to see beautiful blue!

Kasbah BlueIt’s said to keep evil spirits away.

Rue BazokasbahfaceWe headed out of the Kasbah to get to the Medina

kasbah entranceCity from Kasbahmedina children runningThe Medina is the local shopping center. Lots of hand made crafts, food, spices, and so on.

They even have dyed baby chicks!

medina colored chicksWe got very thirsty (due to the heat. So hot!) And headed back home where we prepared for lunch!

pea prepMust dash. Food is calling my name!

More Soon


Mary Jane xx
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