Burgers and Friends

Long post today, sorry (:

Firstly,  a very Happy Mother’s Day to all those moms out there. You rock my socks.

Secondly, in case some of you still don’t know, I’m headed to Morocco this week.

Not going to lie, nerves are starting to settle into my system and I kind of feel like I might throw up. But this is normal for me. I always get very anxious days before I leave and I’ll sit there and list reasons why I shouldn’t go. It’s not at all because I’m scared or unadventurous. Okay, maybe it is.

This time last year, I was trying to convince myself that I was going to hate London, and that those three months were going to be the worst of my life. Especially after I threw my passport in the wash and had to take a completely pointless emergency trip to Boston to talk with the UKBA to get a new visa (the wouldn’t even acknowledge my presence).

Even before I left for Spain, I kept thinking that bad things were going to happen to me. But I’m just an anxious person.

This year, my worries are:

1. What if my passport gets stolen in Morocco?

2. What if my passport gets stolen in the airport at France?

3. What if they forget to get you at the airport?

4. What if there’s a tube strike when you get to London, and you don’t have 100 pounds to pay a cab to get to the flat?

5. What if you die?

The last one is a bit extreme, but my sister planted this one into my brain. I know, I’ve got such loving family members 😉

But because of this last worry, I did make a point to get a group of my friends together to see and catch up with before I left. And I’m sure glad I did. We had a BBQ, ate lots of food, introduce my many friend circles to each other, and played some silly games.

But today, I thought I’d share a recipe that’s a favorite of my family’s that I served at the party. Super quick, super easy, super delicious.

So enough words, and now to the pictures!


What you’ll need…

Ingredients2 lbs of ground (minced) beef

2 sachets of dry onion soup mix

6 TBS of water

Half of a red onion

2-3 tomatoes


Burger Buns

Bacon (as much as your heart desires!)

Cheese (For this recipe, I prefer Gruyere, but cheddar works too)


First, mix the beef, french onion soup, and water in a medium bowl

mixingmeatThen, form the patties. This recipe should be able to make 8 large burgers, or 16 small sliders.

pattiesLet the patties rest for a bit to allow the flavor to seep into the meat a bit. While you wait, throw some bacon into a large saucepan and cook to your liking. I like mine crisp and slightly burned (:

baconThis may take a bit of time, so while you’re waiting, slice up them veggies!

vegOnce the bacon’s done, you can cook the patties. Now the method is up to you, grill or on the stove. The grill gives it more of a smoked-charred flavor, where as frying them in a saucepan adds a little more savory flavor because the fat is retained and not dripping out.

Set up your extras for easy access..

the extrasAnd build up dem burgers!

french onion burgerAs far as the cheese goes, I do like using Gruyere because it’s used on french onion soup, and this is a french onion burger…and it melts well, as long as you stick it on top of the patty while it’s nearly done cooking. It’s tangy though, so be careful!

It’s got funk.

And as far as the friends go..

choirfolksbenjaminwesthighmathesonsEven Miara and Colton tagged along!

So sorry I didn’t get pictures of everyone, I got super distracted by food…

For the next couple of months, I may be post crazy, I may not be. It’ll depend on how engrossed I become with my travels. I may not even have internet in Morocco! No one’s told me where I’m living yet… But I will for sure keep everyone updated!

Other ways of seeing my adventures are found below. Thanks guys. It’s been real. See you (hopefully) next week!

Instagram: aznchick92

Twitter: @thymeandmint

Blogger: http://aredheadinlondontown.blogspot.com/

With my twitter account, just know that I have no idea how to use it, so…


Mary Jane xx

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