Bubbling Excitement

So my next adventure is planned, and I am just overwhelmed with excitement. Half of it is going to Africa and volunteering again. The other half is “LONNNDDDOOON. LONDON. LONDON. LONDON. LOOONNNNDOOON” (it’s like a choo-choo train in my head). I can’t even explain to you the excitement that’s pulsing through me right now.

But I’ve got to contain myself. Because there is still 13 days until Morocco, and a whole month until the UK.

I don’t know how to contain myself. Let’s be honest. I skip through my home, singing at the top of my lungs about my trip, shaking my booty at my sister. She thinks I’m a freak. I agree. It’s okay.

It doesn’t help that I ate a whole Snicker’s bar in 2 minutes, and I’m about to drink a huge rockstar.

My eating habits are astounding, I know. I’m soo healthy.

So kill me if I’m too excited! Wouldn’t you?

That is all.

Mary Jane xx

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