Lasts and Firsts

I’ve been thinking a lot about lasts lately.  Last time I was on a train, last night in England, last conversations, last time I saw someone, last time I kissed someone, last time I worked hard for hours at a time…so many lasts. So many beautiful, wonderful, memorable lasts. Depression settles into my system a bit. I miss those long train rides, I miss sitting on the top deck with the group, heading into the city, getting ready for our next new adventure. I miss going to work every day, excited and scared for what the hours might bring. I miss everything about London.

People always say not to dwell on the past, always keep pushing foward. And I agree….partially. it’s not right to dwell, but to look back and see what you have accomplished, remember what you’ve experienced, yes. That’s important. As much as remembering London may haunt all of my dreams at night, it is a huge motivator for me to do more in this life. I realized my potential and passion whilst out in London. I love serving others, losing myself in working for the benefit others. I also realized my deep passion for travel. I’ve reshaped my career choice, so that I’m capable of incorporating my work with the things I love.

There are some who discourage me. Telling me I dream too big. Do you know what I say? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I know that this is what I am meant for. And I was fortunate that my love for London led me to discover this. All of my lasts eventually will lead me to my firsts. What those will be, I have no idea. But I am ready, and I am excited.

I hope to be going to Africa next summer. Morroco, to be more  specific. Fairly inexpensive,  but still requiring money. Let’s hope I can get there.

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