Take Me Home

This blog was created for the sole purpose of writing about my life in London.

I’ve been home now for 2 days, so I find it pointless to continue this blog unless I am back in the UK. So this may be my last post until I can find some way to get back to London town.

These past couple of days have been difficult for me. I may be home, but it feels more like returning to a dream, rather than real life. Real life was in London. Real life was where I was worked hard, felt so many emotions, connected with so many people, tried different things, felt independent. Real life is where I felt at home, where I felt accepted for anything and everything I was. Real life was outside of the bubble that is my actual home life. Real life was where I had experienced so much, but not enough.

Being home is weird. I feel like…there is nothing to do here. At least, nothing that is easily accessible and free. London is full of thousands of things to do, with so many different places to go. I am so bored in Utah. Life is too quiet.

I gained so much from my few months in London. It was incredibly hard to leave. I miss everything about it. Especially the work I did, the wonderful people I worked with, and the friends I made. I even miss the sirens outside my window going off at odd hours of the night. I may be in Utah, but my heart is still 5,000 miles away. I love London, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

About 2 months ago, the idea of immigration came to me. As terrifying as it was, I knew that I needed to consider it. As time went on, I carefully considered my options. Upon arriving home, I realize more than ever that I felt the happiest and felt like I have an important role in this world out there.

The question is how to get back? And how long will it take?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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