Gives Me the Creeps

So, my first week in London, my manager had taken me to lunch and pointed out that the area we were working in had been the location of the Canonical Five Jack the Ripper Victims. At the time, I didn’t pay much mind to it. I knew Jack the Ripper, I’ve heard of the murders, and on one of my tours in London 4 years ago there was a segment on these murders. But I guess it never sunk in that the murders happened literally right on that street and within the area.

Every day, I pass the sign haunting the passers-by, trying to convince them to take part in a tour featuring none other than the Ripper himself. Almost every day, I walk down the alley where one of his victims had been mutilated. It hadn’t been until quite recently that I finally decided to look up these Whitechapel Murders.

The other night, close to midnight, I decided to wiki the notorious serial killer. I read through the history of the area I work in, and came across the murder victims’ names. Usually, when somebody reads something like this, names aren’t that big of a deal. But the last victim on his list popped out at me…mainly because her name was Mary Jane.

Yes, Mary Jane Kelly was thought to have been the fifth and final victim of the Ripper. I was intrigued, and clicked her name, trying to find out more. However, they had the complete postmortem analysis listed, and after reading the first few sentences, I couldn’t stomach it and knew if I didn’t stop reading, I’d have nightmares all night.

However, I went back today and finished reading the history of this strange woman. And I couldn’t help but notice some parallels….some sickeningly coincidental parallels between the two of us. Not only was her name Mary Jane, but she was also was thought to have been a redhead (via her nickname Ginger), her burial was supposed to be on November 18th, my birthday, but was moved to the next day, she sang, she was murdered in the area I work in, and…oh yes, many believed that she was housed by the association I work for: Providence Row.

I happened to be reading this at work (I know…I can’t stay on task, ever) and I mentioned this to a colleague of mine. He said something very interesting to me:

“Have you ever felt like you had some sort of profound connection with this place? With London?”


“Do you believe in reincarnation?”

No. No I don’t believe in reincarnation. But sometimes, circumstances such as this makes you wonder. How spooky is it that I’ve yearned for London, happen to be placed in Providence Row, and find this connection with another Mary Jane from over 100 years previous? It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

I’m officially creeped out. But in a good way….Partially..

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