Food for Thought

Yesterday, some one asked me what my five favorite things about London was. I was put on the spot, and honestly just started listing things. But I never took into account one of the most cherished aspects of my life: FOOD.

Food has definitely got to be on the top 5 of my favorite things in London. There is just so much you could eat here. If I wasn’t on a budget, I would probably eat my weight in food every day. That makes me sound like a pig.

I’ve tried many different things since I’ve been out here. Foods of the world. West African, Bangladeshi, French, Chinese, Mexican, British, and so on. The availability of all these cultural foods is phenomenal. Anything you crave, it is right here.

In America, I felt like my world revolved around food. And in a sense, it did. But only in terms of “what am I going to eat today? How long do I REALLY need to wait before I can have my next meal? Is it lunch time?” But I had no idea what it meant to have your life revolve around food until I came here.

I work with food every day. I research recipes for my volunteer work. I occasionally work in the kitchen. When I get off work, I search for something new to eat, whether it be a pastry, a grab-and-go, or a full meal. And when I get home, I’ll watch the cooking channel. Food is always on my mind here.

You know the saying, “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?”  Well, I think that applies to me too. Seriously. Make me food, introduce me to something spectacular, you’ll have my heart at the snap of your fingers.

But strangely enough, even though I feel I eat more than I should, I’m not gaining weight. It’s all due to portion control. In the States, we never really think twice as to how much we are actually eating. We just look at the plate in front of us, figure “well, I paid for it all,” and stuff our faces until we can’t take it anymore. Here, the portions are definitely smaller. Even in the fastfood restaurants. I mean, America is better with flavoring. They hardly salt their foods out here. But honestly, that’s all America has going for them. I’d prefer salting my own foods in London any day compared to eating the corn-based, starch-full, sodium encrusted food of the USA.

Though I’d kill for some proper Mexican food.

I’m dying in food heaven out here. One day, I think I may just splurge on food, and enjoy a food coma. Don’t judge me.

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